Kobe Bryant Nike Zoom 8 sneakers and signed "Black Mamba" Hublot in rose gold

Kobe Bryant is a name that's already left its mark on history. The late LA Lakers shooting guard proved himself as one of the best basketball players to ever touch a court, but he was also a rather fashionable guy, and those who wish to be a part of his legacy can cop a piece of his style.

GDGC Enterprises, a firm that specializes in NFTs and luxury assets, and global cybersecurity company Wisekey International Holdings have announced an NFT auction bundle featuring special Bryant autographed items in addition to a piece of custom digital artwork.

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The auction package includes a limited edition 18K rose gold King Power “Black Mamba” Chrono Tourbillion watch, designed and signed by Bryant in 2013. Bryant was a Hublot brand ambassador, and he took the relationship to the next level with this gorgeous watch.

Only three King Power Tourbillion Black Mambas were ever made in rose gold, making this timepiece exclusive among the illusive.

Signed Kobe Bryant "Black Mamba" Hublot in rose gold

"Black Mamba" was Bryant's nickname on the court, and the strap honors this with black python snakeskin and a black snake figurine. The case is made of 18k rose gold and titanium and the dial contains Bryant’s “24” jersey number. The back of the watch glimmers in sapphire crystal. It’s on the back that you’ll find Bryant’s signature.

The package also contains a Nike Zoom VIII Sneaker. These purple athletic shoes also have Kobe Bryant’s signature engraved as part of the design. Rounding out the bundle is a digital artwork NFT by New York City-based artist Moshé Douglas.

Signed Kobe Bryant "Black Mamba" Hublot in rose gold

Part of the auction proceeds will be donated to the Greater Los Angeles’ Make A Wish Foundation, an organization that Bryant worked with quite closely during his life.

Wisekey CEO Carlos Moreira is "excited" to share this Black Mamba package on the Wise.Art platform, which is proud to be carbon neutral “to comply with upcoming ESG regulations and the desire of most collectors to protect the planet.”

The auction will run from Sept. 20 to the 24 with a starting price of $ 1,008,240. Visit Wise.Art to learn more.