Hublot joins forces with electronic music impresario DJ Snake to create a Big Bang with a global sensibility.

Big Bang DJ Snake by Hublot, a limited edition of 100 pieces PHOTO COURTESY OF HUBLOT
Big Bang DJ Snake by Hublot, a limited edition of 100 pieces

A new type of creative energy is emerging worldwide, a unique phenomenon where music, art and fashion merge. Generations are casting off antiquated notions about diversity, body inclusivity and gender fluidity, following a pandemic and racial-justice reckoning.

Our social media and music feeds now provide us with images and sounds from our immediate circle and from every corner of the globe. Trends now ricochet around the planet, disseminating beats, style, dance and social movements in an instant.

French producer DJ Snake, a global musical force that defies boundaries, is part of this world. The world-famous DJ and music producer has collaborated with Lady Gaga, Diplo, Kanye, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, crisscrossing languages, genres and musical styles to become the most-streamed French artist in the world. Songs like “Turn Down for What,” “Get Low,” “Lean On,” “Let Me Love You” and “Taki Taki” are embedded in our brains via radio, TV, interne, and advertising. His hits are part of the pop culture wallpaper.

Hublot paid close attention to this next generation of thought leaders and recently joined forces with DJ Snake to unveil a new creation, the Big Bang DJ Snake. By recognizing the changes the world had gone through in our year of isolation and pairing those ideas with DJ Snake’s vision, the pair have created a revolutionary watch.


Achieving new heights, DJ Snake takes flight with Hublot. PHOTO COURTESY OF HUBLOT
Achieving new heights, DJ Snake takes flight with Hublot.

"The way I approached this design is almost identical to how I would approach remixing a classic song. The Big Bang is a staple in the Hublot lineup and a legendary timepiece. I wanted to make sure the watch maintained certain structural elements while showcasing my style and vision.”




“I don’t ever create music with any boundaries or guidelines. I just create what I feel and what I love,” DJ Snake says. “I did the same with the watch design. We designed this timepiece with zero rules, and we did our best to make something completely unique.”

It didn’t happen overnight. Long before the Big Bang DJ Snake debuted, before DJ Snake went global, he was raised in Paris, born to a French father and an Algerian mother. He grew up in a district outside the city, which he described as a ghetto. Creating graffiti art as a teenager and heavily influenced by the American hip-hop scene, the young artist started DJing and making his music from a very early age.

“I was raised with music from all corners of the world. As a kid, my mom would always play music in the house. She would play everything from classical French music to soul and funk, R&B and, of course, Arabic music. Not to mention France being the secondbiggest hip-hop market in the world, only behind the U.S.,” he says.

The Big Bang DJ Snake channels this same amalgamation of ideas that informs the producer’s oeuvre.

“I think the part of me it shows the most is the side of me that has no boundaries or limits. I have always been one to not stick to traditional rules or guidelines,” says DJ Snake. “Whether it’s the music I create or play live, I never put myself in a box. This watch is a piece of art and definitely shows this essential part of me.”

From the globe-inspired longitude and latitude lines crossing the dial to its technical manufacturing process, the watch appears different from every angle, complemented by a lustrous shine.

“I carry all these experiences with me into the studio. I don’t see genres or boundaries while creating, and I love to take inspiration from different parts of the world, fusing them together in my music—that’s why the globe is significant to this collaboration,” he says.

The Big Bang riffs on DJ Snake’s love for diverse travel, culture and music, which he incorporates into his art.

“The color is kind of iridescent,” says DJ Snake. “It has small traces of many colors in it, similar to my music. Sometimes you can hear a vocal on one of my tracks in one language and production elements from a completely different culture.”

Just beneath the skeletonized, earth-motif dial sits the caliber HUB1242 Unico, a flyback chronograph with a power reserve of 72 hours that’s finished with black fumé.

Limited to 100 pieces, the Big Bang DJ Snake comes with two interchangeable straps that can be swapped easily by hand (accompanied by a satisfying click).

“Initially, I didn’t have as much of an understanding of how revolutionary Hublot is in the industry,” DJ Snake says. “They have been the first to do many things, and I think that’s why we are such a perfect fit for a partnership. We are always trying to create new things, whether it’s a new material to make a watch out of or a new style of music that I create.”