boohoo's social & influencer-led campaign #BOOHOOFILTERFREE encourages a filter-free future to help eradicate negative self-image and comparison culture.

According to the release, “The use of filters and face-altering apps have damaging effects on young people's self-esteem and with lack of policing by social media apps, filter abuse in communities is now the norm. Boohoo believes in empowering people to feel confident in their own skin. To help support the brand is spreading a message of positive self-image for a filter-free future. Influencers and customers are being encouraged to post across their social channels ‘filter free’ using the Instagram story effect available on boohoo’s profile to spread awareness about negative self-image and comparison culture.

A study showed that 39% of women compare themselves with women they think look pristine without effort and 58% of women say that social media has changed how others view them and how they view others. boohoo wants to show that the real you is enough."

Untitled.png"Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Vohra, @themindmedic will be supporting this campaign alongside Influencer and burns victim-survivor Sophie Lee who will be providing guidance and information about the effects of filter abuse and comparison culture,” the release states.

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“With social media constantly serving us up highlights of other people’s lives, it is hard to separate what is real from what has been edited or filtered. Whilst for some these filtered images may be inspirational or aspirational, for others, it can spiral into comparison with our unfiltered selves, make us feel “less than” and fuel low self-esteem; it can be hard to resonate with images where bodies and skins are portrayed as seemingly perfect and blemish-free, but it’s made even more difficult when that is seemingly all we see online. #boohoofilterfreecampaign is a powerful reminder of what life is really like beyond the filter, bringing images that are far more relatable to the forefront; the images we compare ourselves to and we perceive to be “better than” us are actually not the reality," Dr. Sarah Vohra.

“I am so proud and honored to be a part of this empowering movement in supporting the boohoo #filterfree campaign. I believe it is important to encourage each other to love every aspect of ourselves away from filters and the distractions of reality. You are incredible and everything you are is because of the journey you have lived so embrace it, enjoy it and celebrate yourself with love” Sophie Lee.

The #filterfree story effect is now available to use on Instagram. Let’s all join forces to foster a healthier, more authentic, social media environment!