Breguet's Marina Hora Mundi

Some watches are just made different, and in the case of Breguet’s latest Marine line timepiece, some watches are in a world of their own.

Dubbed the Marine Hora Mundi, this model is an instant hit. Descended from founder Abraham-Louis Breguet’s honor to design for the French Royal Navy, bestowed upon him by King Louis XVIII in 1815, the Marine line blends sporty modernity with traditional technique.

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The Marine Hora Mundi is a self-winding watch that features a sunburst blue, guilloché and sapphire plated globe on the dial.

It stands out from the rest of the Marine line with its world timer function. With this timepiece, the owner need only set the city they are in and the date to calibrate along any subsequent city. Then, the user simply presses a pusher to travel without disturbing the running of the watch.

This technical feat is the result of a calculation of the time and date through a system of cams, hammers and an integrated differential. It took three years to develop and earned Breguet four new patents.

The design is accompanied by a subtle outline of coastlines in a metallic turquoise border, with an impression of a permanent ‘waltz of the waves' motif. It is outfitted with roman numerals finished in white gold or rose gold to match the selected casing.

In making the dial legible, and maintaining a specific aesthetic, the hours and minute hands and the hour makers are fitted with luminescent material to ensure nocturnal legibility.

Along with the other artistic choices within the dial, the sun is done in a rose gold, and the moon with a mysterious gray rhodium-plated symbol. Both are hand-hammered to create a realistic result.

The product is 43.9 mm in diameter and 13.80 mm in thickness, while the watch is encapsulated in silicon to resist corrosion and wear. It also renders the watch insensitive to the effects of magnetic fields. With a power reserve that lasts up to 55 hours, it’s ready to go all around the world with you.

The Marine Hora Mundi features additional patented modules for a dual time-zone mechanism along with a second-time zone display.

The current suggested retail price, as listed on Breguet’s website, is $72,700. For more information about this timepiece, visit