Faithful to the spirit of the ’80s, the Tank Must from Cartier is back in stainless steel, PHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER
Faithful to the spirit of the ’80s, the Tank Must from Cartier is back in stainless steel,

Cartier’s glamorous Le Must-era Tank watches of the ’70s and ’80s are back for fall. How do you like it? More, more, more!

It all started with a lighter. Not just any cigarette lighter, but a solid gold Cartier lighter. Introduced in the 1970s, this tiny object sparked a global revolution for Cartier ( by introducing the Le Must collection. Thinking outside the box laid the groundwork for decades of success by incorporating ingenious global marketing strategies still used by luxury houses today. As a concept, attracting massive amounts of press coverage with opulent parties filled with jetsetting celebrities and socialites was a powerful, novel idea. The internal marketing code was, “If you don’t have it, you’re not with it. You’re not in. You’re not cool. It’s a must!”

Fueling worldwide expansion, the Le Must concept gave Cartier the freedom to introduce chic entries into categories like eyewear, small leather goods, pens, luggage and watches. History was made, changing the perception of Cartier from exclusive jeweler for the ultrarich in Paris, London and New York to an internationally recognized maison with enormous international appeal. Tapping into the cosmopolitan allure of the glamorous disco era, the Le Must de Cartier became a global phenomenon.

Le Must’s enduring appeal is back this year with a collection of new Tank models that pay homage to the ’80s originals, including this set of three steel models in Cartier’s renowned burgundy red, blue and green. Like the original, a quartz movement makes the Tank Must accessible, just the right amount of precious and accurate sans numerals for dancing until dawn. With a minimalistic lacquered dial, a crown set with a blue synthetic cabochon and a chic color-coordinating alligator leather strap, the Cartier Tank Must is ready for a spin on the dance floor once again.