Although mental health is the name of the game, there is still a taboo surrounding emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Holistic wellness is constantly debunked by the world of Western medicine, and it’s time to shed light on these certified, all-natural treatments of care.

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Ashley Ferguson, the VP of Business Development and Marketing at RESET Bioscience.

Ashley has worked alongside her team to develop revolutionary breakthroughs in bioavailability to help your body with better, faster absorption of their supplements, vitamins, and cannabinoid products.

hi-0002.JPGRESET has evolved into more than just another CBD brand. It is a wellness brand.

In the very near future, RESET will apply Santé’s pioneering lipid encapsulation technology, which facilitates greater bioavailability of key ingredients, to beverages and beauty products.

RESET's innovative delivery technology makes products more effective at lower doses. They anticipate their water-based delivery technology will be the norm in a few years and people will move away from oils entirely.

re.pngAt only 30-years-old, Ashley and her team are shaking up the male-dominated CBD industry with the overarching goal of establishing CBD as a credible wellness product that appeals to mainstream female consumers.

Very transparent about her struggle with anxiety in the past, Ashley is here to share her favorite cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid wellness products that help with sleep, pain management, and anxiety.

hi2.pngIn doing so, she aims to debunk the popular notion that physical and mental wellness aren’t intrinsically related.

On a broader scale, Ashley is paving the way to a more transparent future in the supplement and CBD space.

Describing herself as a “Supplement Guinea Pig” the wellness guru divulges her personal experiences to inspire others to make more educated personal health choices.

Take advice from the master herself, and invest in these expert-recommended products, your health, and most importantly, yourself.

Your wellness journey awaits you!

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Investing In Products

  • What’s the format you’re taking the product in?
    • The type of item you ingest will directly affect how your body is able to absorb the active ingredients. Pills and tablets generally take longer to break down into what your body will actually absorb for effect. A gel cap should be faster. A liquid would be fastest.
  • What types of ingredients are being used?
    • Knock-offs don’t just exist in fashion. It’s commonly seen in things like spices and supplements, too. Whether poorly tested or adulterated with undisclosed ingredients buyers should beware. For example, consumers can now go a step further to make a decision not just by how much ‘Vitamin D’ a product may have but what form of Vitamin D is it coming from. It’s great to see a lot of responsible brands disclosing where they source their ingredients.
  • Is there technology for absorption?
    • Many vitamins, minerals, and supplements may have the potential to benefit you but they are water-insoluble. Think: oil + water in salad dressing don’t mix. Since your body is mostly water, these ingredients and your body naturally don’t mix. You need a vehicle to get that ingredient to absorb into your body, making it more ‘bioavailable’.
  • How much should I take?
    • Make sure to read all the fine print and check with your doctor before beginning anything, especially if you feel unsure or have never tried before. Keep in mind supplement facts will cover what’s in one serving, not the whole bottle. Check how many servings you’re supposed to take in a day and any special precautions you should take, like with food.
    • PS if there are no supplement facts or something similar to be transparent about what you’re ingesting, my advice is to keep looking.
  • Is there a ‘use-by date?
    • I’m hyper-aware a lot of products in the market don’t accurately account for shelf stability. This means you could be purchasing products that the ingredients inside are having unknown interactions, or degrade in concentration over time, or might be vulnerable to contaminants like mold and yeast.

Products That Help With Anxiety

Seed Probiotics

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I found this probiotic last winter when I started experiencing gastrointestinal pains after eating and drinking things I had been for years, including red wine, so naturally, I was desperate for an immediate fix. Plus, anxiety can be directly correlated to microbiome health. I quickly ordered some finds like Kefir, capsules, powders-- nothing compared to the relief I felt after starting Seed. Their proprietary formulation is a probiotic plus prebiotic and contains 24 clinically and scientifically studied, broad-spectrum strains to support gastrointestinal and whole-body health without gas or bloat. Their website is packed with interesting studies they’ve conducted validating probiotic strains and dosage amounts. They even proved out the ability of their product to survive the gut and digestion. Plus I think it’s helped my skin!

Vitamin B Boosters via IV

With bioavailability a major roadblock to getting what you need from your vitamins, minerals, and supplements, I love consulting a local IV therapy provider. Especially, when it regards B vitamins, as they have to be acquired daily since we excrete them instead of storing them in our bodies. The owner of my favorite in Austin has become a huge resource of information for my wellness routine. I consulted with my physician first and she helped build a plan to get essential vitamins right to my bloodstream. I’m a regular for the “Myers Cocktail” treatment that features B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Magnesium. I’m also a fan of B12 injections, especially when I’m traveling a lot for work.

Thorne Stress B-Complex

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For a more regularly supplemented dose of B complex vitamins that are essential in managing stress, I take Thorne’s Stress B-Complex daily. It especially caters to adrenal gland health as they play a big role in stress management. It’s easy to pop these capsules and the ingredients are water-soluble making them easy for your body to absorb.

Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule

I had heard of this hack before, but heard the story first hand from motivational speaker and creator Mel Robbin’s herself on one of my favorite podcasts ‘Rich Roll’. The tool seems so simple, counting down from 5, but it’s highly effective. It’s encouraged me towards action instead of overthinking and backing out in fear. It’s helped me regain control of my thoughts and be in the present when anxiety seems to be taking over. Little habits like this within my wellness ritual positively impact my day-to-day anxiety.

RESET Bioscience Foundation Broad Spectrum

While the existence of the entourage effect has not been accepted by the scientific community, I love sharing with others the personal anxiety relief I’ve found from supplementing with more than one cannabinoid. Although most people are only familiar with the isolated cannabinoid CBD, Foundation features additional cannabinoids like CBG. RESET uses a delivery technology that turns traditional CBD oil that you can only absorb 5-20% of, into water-based drops with up to 80% absorption that’s proven to stay efficient in beverages. I put a dropper of Foundation in my morning smoothies and always add if I’m splurging with a coffee to keep my jitters at bay.

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Products That Help With Sleep

Legs Up on the Wall for 20 Minutes Every Night

I’ve found regular meditation and/or yoga on nights I’m especially anxious is a game-changer. While I’m admittedly not the best at dipping out from work to make a nightly yoga class, I’ve incorporated the practice into my daily wellness ritual 20 minutes a night. I lay down every night (trying to reserve judgment if I can’t straighten my legs all the way) and try to close my eyes and let the thoughts pass like clouds. I like to add in a butterfly, where you put your feet together with your knees away from each other, or thread the needle for a deeper, hip opener.

Natural Vitality Calm Gummies

I love these yummy gummies featuring magnesium from magnesium citrate. On days when I’m feeling especially anxious when I get home from work, I chew 3 of these. If I drink a glass of wine at night to “wind down” I’m especially nervous and get a terrible night’s sleep. I’d compare this to my version of an evening glass of wine and find I have an easier time nodding off to sleep.

Weighted Blanket

A cozy bed for great sleep to me is a no-brainer. I’ve always opted for a big, fluffy duvet. I was late to the weighted blanket game, and I really regret it. A total game-changer, this Sunday Citizen 15lb variation looks super chic against my bedding and has helped me fall asleep faster and wake up less throughout the night.

RESET - Restore CBN

I love creating small daily habits, they make the biggest changes in my life. My nighttime drink is a ritual I never miss. Whether a tea, an adaptogenic blend or maybe a plant-based hot chocolate, I add a dropper of award-winning RESET Restore CBN. It features 10mg of CBN isolate powered for optimal absorption to promote relaxation and sleep in a relaxing Blueberry Dream flavor. Doing the same thing every night to kick off my wind-down time definitely helps prepare my body for sleep.

Products That Help With Pain Management


Incorporating yoga into my wellness ritual is always time well-utilized because it demands the attention of both my brain and my body. There’s data that points to yoga as being beneficial for all sorts of chronic pain conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines. Plus it’s easy on my joints. One of my favorite places to practice in Austin is at Black Swan Yoga. I like to add a couple of droppers of RESET Balance to my water bottle adding anti-inflammation support during my practice. You can find RESET Balance at Black Swan Yoga’s Houston locations.

RESET Immunity Shot

As I’ve gotten older my menstrual cramps have actually gotten worse, especially in the last year or so. After reading a study that found women dosed with Vitamin D ahead of their cycle had experienced less period pain, I was down a research rabbit hole. I discovered that Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E all have the potential to help with pain management via more efficient cell reproduction, tissue repair, improved circulation, and anti-inflammatory properties. While this shot was designed to support immunity, it’s jammed packed with some of these promising ingredients for easy, on-the-go wellness.

Arnica Gel

For topical relief, arnica gel commonly used to help with osteoarthritis, is my go-to to encourage circulation and turn on my body’s natural healing process. I love this water-based formula, that features arnica as the only ingredient and goes on easily without leaving a sticky residue. People are usually surprised when I don’t point to CBD topical products. Since we know how hard it is for your body to absorb cannabinoids internally, I’m even more skeptical about topicals. This is why most CBD topicals are packed with ingredients like menthol and camphor to make people ‘feel’ something.