Crafting five timepieces as equipped as founder Gabrielle Chanel, meet the Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles collection.


While working around the clock to fabricate the brand’s foundation in her ateliers on rue Cambon, design darling Gabrielle Chanel was rarely caught without a handy pair of scissors in hand, draping from a ribbon, and a wrist pincushion. Director of the Chanel watchmaking creation studio Arnaud Chastaingt draws inspiration from Gabrielle’s commitment to the craft with five functional timepieces–each features the brand’s signature motifs to tell the story of the secret Couture and of Haute Horlogerie.

Time waits for no one–maintaining the exclusivity of the brand, each of the five timepieces was limited to 20 pieces each. The first and flawless piece is the Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Pearls Motif, embellishing the face with a plethora of pearls. Crafting long necklaces, braided chains and Byzantine brooches with yellow gold, this cutting-edge chronometer radiates a black tweed effect while trimmed with a row of diamonds, lined and gold pearls.


Next and notable is the Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Lace Motif, combining the three methods of Métiers d’art–hand engraving, covering with translucent “Grand Feu” enamel to highlight its features and the use of traditional decal technique to draw the motif. Embellished with tiny gold beads and five diamonds, the piece radiates a sexy demeanor with a lacy camellias pattern.

Honoring Gabrielle’s handiwork and design gadgets, the Mademoiselle Privé Pique- Aiguilles Tweed Motif adorns the tweed jacket face with a thimble, scissors and tape measure. Embodying the brand’s commitment to craft smanship and luxury, the dial is adorned with a chain akin to the one sewn inside every Chanel jacket to ensure it hangs perfectly.

Chanel’s latest timepiece trove–the Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles
collection–features five flawless models. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL
Chanel’s latest timepiece trove–the Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles collection–features five flawless models.

Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Embroidery Motif–dazzles every wrist with black fabric embroidered with sequins. With the brand’s keen eye for detail, 211 snow-set diamonds are trimmed with a delicate row of tiny gold beads, displayed in a convex disc of black-coated white gold.

The fifth and finally, Mademoiselle Privé Pique-Aiguilles Quilted Motif draws inspiration from 5 of the brand’s iconic bags, engraved and modeled in black mother-of-pearl to mimic a quilted leather effect. Embellished with diamond charms, each clasp features baguette-cut diamonds to radiate luxury and charm.

As time elapses, Chanel’s designs may change, but the brand will always pay tribute to its roots as displayed in this state-of-the-art collection.