Connor McGregor wears the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino watch

Who says a fancy watch can’t be a little quirky? Definitely not Conor McGregor. The MMA superstar seems to be a huge fan of his Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino watch, a timepiece that’s particularly unique with a tiny, working roulette wheel.

McGregor recently posted a series of pictures and videos of the watch to Instagram, and the one where he played roulette with the watch went absolutely viral, garnering more than 1.2 million likes.

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It seems to have gotten even more attention because McGregor tagged fellow Astronomia Casino lover Drake. The Certified Lover Boy hit-maker bought the timepiece back in February of 2020. Only 88 Astronomia Casinos were made, so Drake and McGregor are in a pretty exclusive club.

Drake wears the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino watch

The fully-functioning roulette wheel is just the start of this jaw-dropping design. Test your luck on green, red or black, with numbers engraved on each stripe. When the gold trigger is pulled by the watch-bearer, a white ceramic ball spins and lands on a number.

Adding to the beauty of this watch is the four-arm rose gold centerpiece and double-axis tourbillon. One is secured with a globe and a 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond at either end, while the other boasts mechanical time displays, each rotating and revolving around the watch every 10 minutes. The design and action complement one another perfectly, as the globe and diamond revolve according to time.

The Astronomia Casino is a piece of functioning art within an enclosed case of 18k gold and sapphire crystal. Not only does it capture the sophisticated design of a well-crafted watch, it’s a trip to Las Vegas on your wrist.

Fans who watched McGregor’s roulette video went crazy over the delightful rarity. Even the Jacob & Co. CEO Ben Arabov left a comment on the post.

“We love Conor,” Arabov is quoted in a press release. “He’s a true champion in and out of the ring, and he truly appreciates our watches. We are proud to be friends with him.”

The Astronomia Casino originally retailed for $620,000. Visit to learn more.