Offering convenience for all your kitchen needs, a butler’s pantry is a smart storage solution for the additional appliances and activities you enjoy daily. eggersmann, a German cabinetry manufacturer, has called upon its talented designers to envision new, multi-functional pantry spaces in an array of sizes to bring clients’ home dreams to life.



Perhaps your small residence presents square footage limitations. If so, creating a micro butler’s pantry integrated adjacent to the kitchen can store the various cooking and dining items you need close within reach. Both pocket or sliding doors thoughtfully designed by eggersmann help to conceal appliances, frequently used pantry staples and preserve your modern minimalist kitchen appearance.



Functionality is at the heart of every pantry. With more room to spare, a small butler’s pantry can create a dedicated area for further cooking and storage. Unsightly dishes can be hidden before you entertain while your coffee-making or other small appliances can become station-like on a designated counter. Keep the kitchen tidy with this efficient storage enhancement.



A full oversized butler’s pantry holds the utmost envy as its vast footage and customizable options make this a glorified secondary kitchen. Precious counter space, ovens and cooktops can be inserted for food preparation, inventive cellars can hold your treasured wine collection and the separateness of the multi-functional space can divert traffic and noise, keeping your cooking activities segregated from the entertainment. A unique design upgrade, an eggersmann-designed full-scale butler’s pantry is a luxuriously added room to fawn over.

If you’re interested in creating your own butler pantry, the eggersmann designers will work with you, your interior designer, architect, or builder to bring your luxury butler’s pantry to life.