For adventure video game and timepiece lovers, this Hamilton and Far Cry 6 partnership is one you won't want to miss out on.


Since 1892, Pennsylvania-based watch brand, Hamilton (, has been crafting luxe timepieces with Swiss precision, authenticity and ingenuity. Now, the detail-oriented label, which has been a favorite among filmmakers for years and has been featured in over 500 movies, is taking its name to the realm of virtual reality by collaborating with the Ubisoft brand, Far Cry.

With this novel collaboration, video games are reaching a new echelon of realism. The Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic, which is built for action both on-screen and off, marks the first ever branded watch in-game integration in the Far Cry series, an adventure game franchise part of the world-renowned portfolio of Ubisoft creations.


Far Cry 6 is filled with adventure and innovation, matching Hamilton’s watchmaking mission. Players, who begin the game as main character Dani Rojas, will be rewarded with the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic from the in-game avatar Juan Cortez after completing the first venturesome guerilla mission. The pixelated version of the robust and resilient watch features a brown leather strap, ideal for the virtual daredevil escapade.


“Players will use everything at their disposal to inflict chaos against Antón Castillo’s regime,” Omar Bouali, Game Content Director at Ubisoft Toronto, shared in a press release. “Integrating the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic as special in-game gear not only looks fantastic, but also provides you gameplay benefits with a Far Cry twist.”

Although video games are an unprecedented route for the watchmaking company, it is clear that Hamilton will translate its dedication to precision on the virtual reality screen. “Every small detail is crucial when you’re creating a virtual world, whether it’s designed for the big screen or your personal game play,” Hamilton’s CEO, Vivian Stauffer, disclosed in the release. “We are always at the cutting-edge of technology and it made sense to translate our experience in Hollywood to the world of video games.”

Check out Far Cry 6 when it launches worldwide on October 7, and shop all Hamilton watches on the label’s website— so you can match with your in-game avatar, of course.