Swiss watchmaker Hamilton unveils its limited edition collaboration with Tenet director Christopher Nolan.

Hamilton tenet blue watch model

Fans of famed director and three-time Oscar nominee Christopher Nolan might have noticed a standout accessory in his latest thriller, Tenet. The film, which hit theaters early September, featured a custom-made timepiece by Swiss horlogerie Hamilton—no stranger to film collaborations, Hamilton’s “The Murph” timepiece was designed for Nolan’s blockbuster Interstellar, and a clock created for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey led to the invention of the digital watch. For Tenet, Hamilton created a modified version of the Khaki Navy BelowZERO model, complete with a digital countdown display added to the jet black watch. Hamilton spent 18 months working at its Swiss lab collaborating with the film’s team to fashion a timepiece fitting of Nolan’s latest project.

Tenet two watches Hamilton

Although the prop was made exclusively for the film, a Tenet-inspired timepiece is now available in limited quantities. Inspired by the film’s color palette, the lightweight titanium watch is accented by a red- or blue-tipped second hand, adding a pop of color to its all-black exterior. The watch’s packaging, thoughtfully crafted by Tenet’s production designer Nathan Crowley, will also feature plenty of allusions to the film’s aesthetics. Only 888 timepieces are available in each color version, the palindrome a subtle homage to the movie’s plot.