Heidi Klum

If you’ve been on the right side of pop music in the last ten years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard girl group phenomenon Little Mix’s 2015 single “Black Magic.”

Need a refresher?

Take a sip of my secret potion. I'll make you fall in love. For a spell that can't be broken. One drop should be enough. Boy, you belong to me. I got the recipe and it's called Black Magic.

It seems Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum has taken a page out of Little Mix’s book this year for the holiday. But instead of potions for love, she’s set on the ultimate party elixir.

And while we’ll also have to wait a little longer before Klum’s always highly anticipated costume reveal, in the meantime, she’s letting us in on one of her party secrets: the perfect Halloween cocktail.

Teaming up with the spirit innovators at Patrón, the tequila brand and Klum have created Heidi’s Black Magic-Rita. Inspired by Halloween spookiness and Klum’s favorite ingredients, the Halloween spin on the classic margarita comes together thanks to Patrón El Alto.

"As soon as I am done with my Halloween party, I start thinking about ways to make the next one even better. This year, I have teamed up with Patrón El Alto to create a delicious and fun cocktail for the party," said Klum. "We crafted the Heidi’s Black Magic-Rita, blending Patrón El Alto with blackberry and lime for a premium, spooky twist on the classic margarita. I can't wait for people to try this at the party, but it is also simple to make at home, complete with black lava salt rim, so I hope you'll be sipping my Heidi’s Black Magic-Rita with Patrón El Alto all month long."

We’ll let you try the cocktail yourself, but know that you can expect a sweet and smooth profile complemented by notes of honey, caramel and vanilla, which are then balanced out by the blackberry and lime.

See the full recipe below.

Heidi’s Black Magic-Rita



2 oz Patrón El Alto

1 oz Blackberry Syrup

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

2 drops of Scrappy’s Fire Water Tincture

Black Lava Salt Garnish


  1. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Shake.
  3. Prep rocks glass with black lava salt garnish.
  4. Strain shaken ingredients into the glass.
  5. Serve and enjoy.

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