Batman x Jacon & Co watch partnership announced

In American pop culture, there is perhaps no character more recognizable than Batman. From blockbuster movies to roller coasters, comic books to cereal boxes, spin-off series to appearances in Scooby Doo, the Dark Knight is one of the most marketable figures of all-time—and there’s no slowing down now as DC plans to unveil further comics and a new movie in 2022 starring Robert Pattinson.

Jacob and Co., one of the most influential watch and jewelry makers of the 21st century, knows this marketability well. The company has just announced a new partnership with Warner Brothers to make multiple timepieces based on the iconic series, to be distributed in tow with the new movies.

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“Adding Warner Bros. to the Jacob & Co. roster is a dream come true,” company founder Jacob Arabo states in a press release. “Batman is one of the most iconic superhero characters of all time and has a natural connection to Jacob & Co. and the watches and jewels we create.”

Arabo also announced that he will be personally designing the new timepieces, the first of which will hit stores in Spring 2022; around the same time as the new movie. In the statement, Arabo calls Warner Bros. the “quintessential movie studio” and “one of the most important entertainment conglomerates in history,” adding that when the company reached out to the studio earlier this year, “the chemistry was undeniable.”

While the emphasis appears to be on the Batman-inspired watches for now, there seems to be room for growth into other franchises as the deal extends for several years.

The announcement of the deal comes one day after the studio released a trailer for “DC Fandome,” a global virtual fan event which will reveal exactly how much the comics studio has been working on for the past year. In the video, trailers for series such as Superman and Lois and the John Cena-led Peacemaker are teased, as well as movies like The Batman and a new Harley Quinn project.

The company, which is still playing catch up to rival Marvel Studios and their Disney-backed projects, hopes its star-studded lineup will interest fans when the event goes live Saturday, Oct. 16. Stars such as Cena, Pattinson, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa and more are scheduled to appear, but of course, any good presentation never reveals the surprise.

In the meantime, plenty of speculation will be thrown around Arabo’s latest project: will he go for the technical, explosive style of other Bat-gadgets? Will he perhaps stick with the alter ego side of Batman, millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne? Or will fans’ heads spin when he reveals a Joker or Riddler-inspired piece? Only time will tell, but Arabo knows the weight of the design:

“I am personally designing a completely new watch collection with new movements and new complications,” Arabo says. “At its core, Jacob & Co.’s DNA is also filled with audacity and innovation. The two brands both represent the highest form of artistry in their respective field.”

Jacob and Co. is not shy when it comes to movie partnerships. The luxury watchmaker recently released timepieces inspired by Fast and Furious, The Godfather and Scarface in the past two years alone. Learn more about the Batman partnership via