Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin timepiece

Jacob & Co. is known for creating bespoke works of art for your wrist, and the company's latest timepiece is no exception.

An ode to the booming worlds of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin not only tells the time but also the story of cryptocurrency and its rise in popularity.

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Enclosed in a 44 mm, Black DLC (diamond-like carbon) titanium case with rose gold accents, the DLC processing crystallizes the carbon atoms in a way that makes the surface as strong as diamond and black as coal. The watch features Bitcoin-related elements in its vertical and rotating manufacture movement. The words and phrases “peer to peer,” “Blockchain,” “Bitcoin” and “decentralized digital currency” are engraved on the edges around the movement, representing and describing the ever-present crypto universe.

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Other features that make this watch unique are the 288-facet, Jacob-cut, orange sapphire sun and the 1ct, Jacob-cut, white diamond moon on the dial. There’s a small black rocketship with a flaming reactor that reaches for the Moon in a symbolic salute to the trajectory of Bitcoin. The rotating Earth that sits at the center of the watch is made of gold and black lacquer, and spins on its axis once every 10 minutes.

The movement of the watch itself is just as advanced as the design, and all of the interworkings are completely visible. The three-pronged carousel, all crafted out of titanium and steel, features a one-minute flying tourbillon, an hour and minute dial, and a rotating Bitcoin symbol that stands up vertically. The watch has high, full lugs, and a black alligator strap that fits comfortably on the wrist.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin timepiece

Only 25 timepieces will ever be made with this design, and staying on the theme, all 25 will be sold in any cryptocurrency processed by host platform Bitpay. There will be a fixed price in local, official currencies, but the watch can be purchased in any cryptocurrency based on the rate of the day of the transaction.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have opened up a world of possibilities in the finance realm and beyond, and this watch symbolizes and celebrates just that. View more detail of the watch below, and visit jacobandco.com to learn more.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Bitcoin timepiece