Jacob & Co "Fast & Furious" Turbo Twin Watch front

Jacob & Co just announced a limited-edition watch inspired by the hit Fast & Furious franchise. Dubbed the “Fast & Furious Twin Turbo,” the limited-edition timepiece features Jacob & Co’s signature style while incorporating iconic imagery from the film series.

It’s a modified version of Jacob & Co’s famous Twin Turbo Furious, which was the first timepiece in the world to combine a high-speed twin-axis tourbillon (which allows for the watch to keep accurate time even while impacted by speed or gravity) with a decimal minute repeater that chimes every 10 minutes, a monopusher chronograph (which allows for a single button to be used to start, stop and reset a timer), and a mechanical time reference indicator.

“Our Twin Turbo Furious is such a natural fit for the Fast & Furious franchise,” Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov is quoted in a press release, “not only [with] the name of our watch, but the whole emphasis on speed and being exceptional. Jacob & Co. has been in many important and successful partnerships, but I have never partnered with an entity that so closely fits our DNA. The new Fast & Furious Twin Turbo watches are going to be awesome.”

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The watch itself features a number of homages to the famous franchise. The face includes a reference to the starting line from the first film. A starting girl holds a checkered flag while two revved-up super cars face off; one an American muscle car, and the other a supercharged import. The franchise’s logo is seen just above the cars.

The watch’s mechanical time reference differs from others, with a unique display based on racing lore. Based on pit boards which crews use to communicate pace times, the timer is split into two halves, giving the wearer a feeling of being behind the wheel.

The timepiece offers a view for those more interested in the mechanics under the hood. With a “sapphic crystal caseback,” as described by Jacobs & Co., owners of the piece can fully view the 832-component wound movement. The back is also labeled with the piece’s title.

Jacob & Co "Fast & Furious" Turbo Twin Watch back

Fans will have to act fast if they want to own this piece, as only nine of them will be produced and released; a reference to the nine films in the Fast & Furious series.

The watches are set for release Friday, June 25, the same day the ninth film in the franchise—F9 —will be released in theaters. While this is extremely limited, fans won’t have to wait long for a sequel. Plans are in the works for further collaboration.

“What we have planned is incredibly exciting and will be as fast, furious and exciting as the film saga,” Arabov is quoted.

See more of the watch in the official video below, and visit Jacob & Co online to learn more.