Jacob & Co. Earth Watch and NFT

What happens when you tear a hole between the Metaverse and our own physical world? Apparently, you get eight unique watch NFTs from Jacob & Co.—and four physical watches to match.

The luxury jeweler dips its toe into the ever-expanding digital space with Astronomia Metaverso, a collection of interstellar timepiece designs that grant owners a ton of real-world benefits. The collection is launched in collaboration with the UNXD luxury NFT platform, who previously worked with Dolce & Gabbana.

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“Jacob & Co.’s immense cultural impact has been long documented,” Shashi Menon, CEO of UNXD, is quoted in a press release. “We’re thrilled to bring this iconic brand into the metaverse in partnership with UNXD. We think people will be blown away when we reveal what we’re creating and the roadmap ahead.”

Jacob & Co. Earth Mercury and NFT

Each of the eight space-age styles is inspired by a planet in our solar system, and the five planets closest to us; representing Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, are paired with physical, one-of-a-kind timepieces that can be claimed by the NFT owners.

Saturn, Neptune and Uranus styles are to be strictly released as digital assets, but that just leaves even more room for imagination. The Saturn, Uranus and Neptune NFTs also include a variety of randomized attributes, creating different levels of scarcity within the collection.

All planetary watches were personally designed by Jacob & Co. Founder and Chairman, Jacob Arabo.

Jacob & Co. Venus Watch and NFT

The absolutely stellar looks are eye-catching for sure, but even more tempting are the benefits of ownership. Each NFT awards owners a membership pass to exclusive events and activities, as well as a high-resolution “digital timepiece” that doubles as a working clock. Owners also gain access to surprise future drops from Jacob & Co.

“This is a long-term commitment for us, and the first in a series of launches,” Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov says. “As a company, we’ve always been on the bleeding edge of art and technology — forging our own path instead of following the crowd. We’re putting all our creative energy into this and can’t wait to show the world what we’re making.”

Jacob & Co. Earth Watch and NFT

Doubling down on the community aspects of NFTs, the Astronomia Metaverso collection includes its own sci-fi backstory and lore. Explore the furthest edges of the Jacob & Co. metaverse at drops.unxd.com/astronomia.

See all the planetary timepieces below.

Jacob & Co. Mars Watch and NFT

Jacob & Co. Jupiter Watch and NFT

Jacob & Co. Saturn Watch and NFT

Jacob & Co. Uranus Watch and NFT

Jacob & Co. Neptune Watch and NFT