louis vuitton tambour twenty timepiece

Bold, Innovative and strong, the Louis Vuitton Tambour timepiece is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an exclusive anniversary model of the classic watch—and it comes in a very limited quantity.

The legendary French fashion house first released its Tambour timepiece design in 2002, and the style has continued to revolutionize its newer models for every coming season.

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With an elegant take on masculinity, the Tambour has long been a chance to push the state of watchmaking forward.

louis vuitton tambour twenty timepiece

The Tambour Spin Time, released in 2009, changed the game of how time was displayed. In 2011, La Fabrique Temps in Geneva began collaborating with Louis Vuitton to create more pieces. That led to the 2014 launch of the Tambour Evolution, the 2016 Tambour Slim, and the 2017 Tambour Moon.

All this innovation and evolution culminates in the newest anniversary edition, the Tambour Twenty.

louis vuitton tambour twenty timepiece

The limited model poses all the characteristics and functions of its predecessors while boasting a few additional features. The Tambour Twenty is flared in shape bearing the same recognizable case as previous models. This time around, the face is a little larger at 41.5 mm compared to its original 39.5 mm face.

Like the original 2002 model, this watch is engraved across the numbers and indexes. This edition will have nods to threads historically used in leatherwork and the classic features of the watches' past models.

louis vuitton tambour twenty timepiece

The Tambour Twenty is water resistant up to 100 meters, and tells time with high-frequency movement inspired by the first automatic chronograph ever, the Zenith El Primero. The 22-carat gold rotor 50 hours of stored power creates an exact time measure up to the tenth of a second.

With only 200 models in production, this is definitely a collectors item.

The special model includes an engraving on the caseback and is available with a miniature trunk in Monogram canvas. The two items are a tribute to Louis Vuitton’s travel legacy.

louis vuitton tambour twenty timepiece with monogram case

“To me, as well as celebrating our anniversary, this watch also paves the way for many future decades of fine watchmaking,” says Jean Arnault, Marketing and Development Director for Louis Vuitton watches, “staying true to Louis Vuitton’s values of creativity, craftsmanship and excellence.”

See more of the anniversary watch below, and learn more at louisvuitton.com.

louis vuitton tambour twenty timepiece