Louis Vuitton Escale Spin Time

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to nab some new accessories to go with your fits.

Luckily, Louis Vuitton just released its latest high watchmaking collection, featuring four new looks as fresh as the season.

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For the sporty look, the French company offers the Tambour Spin Time Air Quantum, a watch that applies cutting-edge technology with a striking black and yellow design. Elevating the original design first introduced in 2009, this watch converts the conventional display of the hours with illuminated cubes, creating a sophisticated yet eye-catching look at the time.

For a bit of whimsy, the Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours puts LV mascot Vivienne right on the dial. The watch comes in three playful designs including a green casino theme, a rosy circus theme, and a blue fortune teller scene. The dials are set in diamonds and crafted from aventurine, mother of pearl and the newly-discovered Skarn from Pakistan.

If you’re a fan of modernism, the Escale Spin Time watch is a real must see. For the first time, this model is offered in two steel variations with polished black PVD finishings; one monochrome and one rainbow. It strikes a powerful form but leaves room for fun and imagination, displaying the hours with rotating cubes. Under the hood, the mechanism is driven by the automatic movement of the LV 77 calibre.

Tambour Outdoor Chronograph GMT

Tambour Outdoor Chronograph GMT

Rounding out the collection, you’ll find the classically-sporty Tambour Outdoor Chronograph GMT. This one goes out to all the urban explorers, offering two models in steel with new interchangeable rubber straps and automatic movements. Choose your own adventure with the Nautica Steel or the Urban Jungle.

It’s a daring lineup from Louis Vuitton with something to please every lifestyle. Match each of your moods with a different watch, or find the one perfect timepiece to last a lifetime—and then some.

All the timepieces speak to the excellence and innovation fans have come to know and appreciate from Louis Vuitton across its fashions and lifestyle products. See more images of the timepieces below, and visit louisvuitton.com to learn more.

Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours casino

Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours Casino

Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours fortune

Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours Fortune

Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours circus

Tambour Slim Vivienne Jumping Hours Circus