Evan Mock for Montblanc

Evan Mock for Montblanc

Montblanc knows a thing or two about luxury. Founded in Hamburg in 1906, the house has created rare pens, watches and leather goods that exude high style.

The brand’s latest collection and campaign, On The Move, expands on its illustrious vision and brings the amazing world of Montblanc to life. Starring Cillian Murphy and Evan Mock, the campaign consists of a short film and capsule collection of watches and leather goods, honing in on the importance of appreciating the journey while pursuing one’s passion.

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We sat down with Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc's chief marketing officer, to discuss the latest campaign and what Montblanc has in store.

Cillian Murphy for Montblanc

Cillian Murphy for Montblanc

The campaign features a collection of watches and leather goods. Can you tell us a little more about the pieces you chose and how this came about?

Every piece chosen to be featured in the campaign is connected to the mobility theme, reflecting our commitment to creating products that inspire people to leave their mark by moving with purpose. The pieces address different aspects of mobility, with functions that make the journey more seamless, more effective.

Montblanc Extreme 3.0 leather goods are companions for urban exploration that withstand the demands of everyday travel with durability and performance. The new leather motif is highly influenced by the Bauhaus style at the time, and was created by my then–predecessor Grete Gross, who deeply influenced Montblanc’s visual language in the 1920’s.

We also included watches because they are essential tools for navigation through time, whether the Montblanc 1858 GMT Automatic Date that makes living life across time zones easier with a watch function that shows the time in two different places at the same time without hands; or Summit 3, the latest iteration of the Maison’s signature smartwatch, incorporating the latest Wear OS 3 by Google and curated apps to meet the functional needs of its owner while they are on the move. Because travel can also be in the mind, we also feature our StarWalker BlackCosmos writing instruments, a journey of discovery into the depths of space.

Evan Mock for montblanc

How did the urban commute inspire the design of pieces of the collection?

Again, I think the very notion of the urban commute has changed. This is not about a daily routine like it used to be as we are living hybrid existences. Things are a lot more fluid, working from the office, from home, from anywhere. The design has to reflect the fact that we need more multi-functional, flexible companions because that’s how we are living our lives today.

The pieces reflect this evolution with a selection of leather goods in different shapes, sizes and functions designed to fit the lifestyles of those for whom every day is not about routine, but about adventure.

Cillian Murphy for montblanc

How did the “On the Move” campaign come about?

Over the past few years, the way we work and live has changed so much, giving rise to a new kind of mobility. It’s not just physical mobility, getting from one place to another, but also the way we move through life, what matters to us and the path we take to get us there.

As a company that has pioneered functional products that have real value to people as they navigate change and physical distance, we wanted to frame the idea of mobility in a different way. Ultimately, the goal of the campaign was to inspire people to leave their mark by following their own path to success, with products that encourage and facilitate movement. It’s about reminding them that the way they choose to move inspires the mark they make on the world.

Evan Mock montblanc

How does the campaign connect new, younger Montblanc consumers to the heritage of the house?

Younger customers may not know about the depth of our heritage, so we wanted to subtly translate our heritage in a way that made sense for today and would matter to a new Montblanc customer.

Mobility has been an important theme for Montblanc for over 115 years. Ever since its early beginnings as the world discovered new and faster ways to move from one place to another, Montblanc has pioneered new technologies and crafted products intended to be used on-the-go, like its early innovative fountain pens and leather accessories that will last a lifetime.

We wanted to lean into the stories and voices of compelling individuals—our Montblanc Mark Makers—who write their own rules and find their own unique ways to success, just like our younger customers do. We are giving them new avenues to connect with the idea of mobility, on their own terms.

Cillian Murphy montblanc

You worked with Evan Mock and Cillian Murphy on the campaign. What was that like?

It was important for us to partner with Mark Makers who really embody the “On The Move” ethos that we wanted to communicate in the campaign; individuals who reach their goals and ambitions, but not by always moving in the most conventional ways to get to their ultimate destination. It’s passion and purpose that drive the direction they choose.

Our aim was to invite them to share those experiences and stories in a way that was true to who they are and the way they move in their everyday life. While Cillian Murphy invites us to follow our instincts and to move in a direction that feels right, Evan Mock gives us a look into the fluidity of his own life. He is still figuring out his own path but is not afraid to try new things as someone who embraces being always on the move. They both teach us that there is no wrong or right direction, as long as you are moving in a way that feels true to who you are.

Learn more about Montblanc’s On The Move collection and campaign featuring Evon Mock and Cillian Murphy at montblanc.com.