MSC Cruises has opened sales for MSC Euribia, the line's most environmentally advanced ship and its second LNG-powered vessel, which is scheduled to debut in early June 2023 after completion at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in France.

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The ship will spend her first season cruising throughout Northern Europe from Kiel, Germany, providing guests with a diverse range of fascinating sites to explore. Including weekly departures from Kiel, MSC Euribia will provide fabulous seven-night itineraries to the Norwegian Fjords, with stops in Copenhagen, Denmark; Hellesylt, Norway for the Geirangerfjord; Alesund and Flam, Norway; and others.

Members of the Voyagers Club who book MSC Euribia will receive their standard 5% discount plus an additional 5% booking discount and double Voyagers Club points. In addition, Silver, Gold, and Diamond members receive a $50 onboard credit per person.

Hull Design Winner Revealed

Thanks to distinctive artwork designed to underline MSC Cruises' connection to the sea, MSC Euribia will have a distinct silhouette from her Meraviglia-Plus sister ships. Through Talent House, the line conducted an international design competition to develop a one-of-a-kind work of art for the ship's hull inspired by the sea and its vital marine ecology. The design will be displayed on the ship indefinitely, showcasing the company's efforts to move toward a more environmentally friendly future.

The winner, German artist Alex Flaemig, was announced today after designs from 59 countries were submitted. Flaemig's artwork will be displayed on the ship's exterior, highlighting the company's continuous commitment to the environment and its goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

A new gallery onboard the ship will showcase the five competition finalists' designs.


“In response to the growing need to protect the ocean for future generations, we have made it our mission to equip our ships with the latest and most advanced environmental technologies and solutions, with MSC Euribia showcasing the best of them to date. The contest to design the hull for our latest LNG ship was launched to help us communicate our unwavering commitment to the environment as this ship sails the world. Mr. Flaemig’s design perfectly captured this message of passion and dedication to preserving the marine environment and its complex ecosystem and delivers a strong call to action to everyone who sees this ship to save the seas,” said Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of the Cruise Division of MSC Group.

The winner, Alex Flaemig, said, “In order to make people even more aware of this unique underwater world with its precious life, I have graphically placed a small section of this ecosystem on the hull of the MSC Euribia. What was important to me was not only the representation of the underwater world, but also a message about how it should be preserved.”

The potential to transform the hull of the MSC Euribia into a gigantic, floating canvas to promote the significance of environmental respect motivated Flaemig, a resident of Dresden, Germany. His #SaveTheSea design celebrates the wonders of the marine ecosystem by combining the colors of the MSC Cruises and MSC Foundation logos to create a gradient effect that paints sea animals and vegetation onto the hull.

“I also want to express that an intact sea is also the basis for a healthy ecosystem on land. I want to emphasize this with the representation of birds, insects and leaves and last but not least with the globe. It is still important to me to inspire people and encourage them to participate,” Flaemig said.

A panel of international judges, including sand artist Jben, known for his large-scale ephemeral sand frescoes that wash away with the tide; architect Martin Francis; and Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of the MSC Group's Cruise Division, chose the winning artwork from among hundreds submitted from around the world.


The environmentally advanced MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia, the second LNG-powered ship in the MSC Cruises fleet, will enter service in 2023, signifying another significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. LNG plays a critical role in the fight against climate change, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 25% on the MSC Euribia compared to conventional fuels and almost eliminating other air emissions.

MSC Euribia's emissions will significantly decrease as bio and synthetic fuels become accessible. LNG is critical to developing low-carbon shipping solutions because developing technologies like fuel cells can run on LNG until zero-emission bio-LNG or green hydrogen becomes accessible at scale. MSC Cruises is working on many projects with regulators, academia, shipyards, and industry to develop and commercialize these technologies. This includes a collaboration with Fincantieri and SNAM to investigate the use of hydrogen fuel in cruise ships and a pilot project with Chantiers de l'Atlantique and Bloom Energy to develop solid oxide fuel cell technology for cruise ships.

To reduce the effects of vibrations on marine life, MSC Euribia will use an innovative wastewater treatment system and an underwater radiated noise management system. Several energy-saving measures aid in reducing and optimizing engine usage.

MSC Cruises has committed to using LNG to power at least three of its forthcoming ships, representing a total expenditure of more than EUR 3 billion.

MSC Euribia is named after the ancient goddess Eurybia, who mastered the waters by harnessing the winds, weather, and constellations, continuing the ship's vision of mastering the deployment of state-of-the-art sustainable technologies to safeguard and maintain the valuable marine ecosystem.

MSC Euribia will provide a dynamic passenger experience with unique features and services as a Meraviglia-Plus ship. The following are some of the highlights:

  • A new MSC Yacht Club, complete with luxurious private facilities and accommodations such as a panoramic lounge, gourmet restaurant, private pool, and sun deck.
  • MSC for Me, a multi-channel digital experience designed to assist passengers in getting the most out of their vacation.
  • Ten restaurants and 21 bars, including specialty restaurants.
  • The ship's aft features a 945-seat theater and the magnificent Carousel Lounge.
  • There are numerous children's facilities, including LEGO® play spaces and a Chicco infant club.
  • A 360-foot-long Mediterranean promenade dotted with boutiques, bars, and restaurants is topped with a stunning LED sky screen that features animations all day and night.
  • Five pools are available, including a large pool with a retractable cover and a 10,000-square-foot aquapark.
  • The MSC Aurea Spa offers a wide range of treatments, and the MSC Gym by Technogym® is state-of-the-art.

MSC Cruises has a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship, with a long-term aim of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The company is also a significant investment in next-generation environmental, and maritime technology to accelerate their development and availability across the sector. Click here to discover more about the company's environmental commitment.

Visit the website for additional information about dates and itineraries. And, click here to learn more about the MSC Foundation, which the MSC Group established to lead, focus, and promote its conservation, humanitarian, and cultural commitments.