Fifty years after receiving the “Silver Snoopy Award,” OMEGA designs a special timepiece as playful as the insignia of the award itself.

Omega Snoopy 50th Anniversary WatchNASA chose Snoopy as its mascot in the 1960s.

Like the two limited editions that preceded it, the new model pays tribute to NASA presenting the Silver Snoopy Award to OMEGA after recognizing the brand’s contributions to space exploration through its vital support during the rescue of Apollo 13.

Combining animation with the art of watchmaking, the Snoopy tribute design has elevated the OMEGA Speedmaster to new realms. The 50th anniversary model is silver and laser-engraved with Ag925. It features three blue subdials, hands, markers, OMEGA insignia and strap.

Snoopy, illustrated in the small seconds subdial, is wearing his iconic spacesuit, reminiscent of the style of the silver pin that NASA astronauts give to award recipients. The words "50th Anniversary" appear overhead. The watch’s back, however, is something completely innovative and playful.

Omega Snoopy Watch CasebackThe thoughtfully detailed caseback displays Snoopy in orbit.

It features an animation of the earth, the moon and Snoopy inside a white Command and Service Module (CSM). OMEGA has created a "magic hand," which allows Snoopy's CSM motion, resembling the Apollo 13 trip to the moon. The lunar surface is decorated on the sapphire crystal using a micro-structured metallisation. The Earth disc rotates once per minute, synchronized with the watch’s small seconds hand, symbolising the exact rotation of the planet. The phrase “Eyes on the Stars,” is inscribed within the black universe portrayed.

Unlike previous Silver Snoopy models, this is not a limited edition, giving eager fans the chance to receive the watch in its own Apollo 13 presentation box and to accompany Snoopy to his trips around the moon.