Three new variants of the classic Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 are a total vibe.

The puzzle motif Rolex Perpetual Day-Date 36 in 18-carat yellow gold. PHOTO COURTESY OF ROLEX
The puzzle motif Rolex Perpetual Day-Date 36 in 18-carat yellow gold.

Cognition refers to information processing within the human brain as it relates to memory, perception, thinking, reasoning, and emotion. It’s a concept at the core of modern marketing: How does this object make you think and feel?

Such considerations have circulated throughout the luxury realm for years. For a subtle approach, manufacturers may use feelgood all-natural materials, broadcast their thoughtful environmental practices, and adopt low-impact manufacturing to appeal to your virtuous subconscious. But leave it to the typically understated — but oft en surprising — Rolex ( to subvert our expectations, scrap the day and date off its infamous Day-Date, and replace both with “inspirational keywords” and universally loved emojis.

The arrival of the puzzle-motif Rolex Perpetual Day-Date 36 shocked the global watch press. For Rolex, change usually moves at a glacial pace. Except sometimes it doesn’t. A full-blown rainbow-colored new-age makeover of the Day-Date 36 was the last thing anyone expected.

Known as the ”president,” because of the political figures who have donned it, the Day-Date was launched in 1956. That’s a lot of historic precedent to maintain. The standard watch displays its hallmark complication in a choice of 26 languages, but on this “puzzle-motif dial,”keywords like “eternity” replace the days displayed at twelve o’clock, and emojis are magnified by the Cyclops lens at three, replacing the date.

The jigsaw puzzle-dialed Day-Date is available with a turquoise dial in either 18-carat yellow gold or white gold, or in Rolex’s Everose pink gold with an orange dial. Multicolor baguette sapphires indicate the hours, and the champlevé enameled multi-colored puzzle motif amplifies the fun, piecing together this radical departure for Rolex’s luxurious icon.