German luxury safe and watch winder company Buben & Zörweg offers sublimely sophisticated storage for your timepieces as with its new Bugatti collaboration.

The the Grande Illusion Chiron 300  multifunction safe PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
The Grande Illusion Chiron 300 multifunction safe

The world’s most prestigious and secure watch safes not only guarantee the highest level of protection for your valuables but also fit into any room like an opulent work of art. The crafters and innovative makers behind these magnificent safes and safe rooms, watch winders and multifunctional objects are German label Buben & Zörweg ( The renowned brand, which is now active in over 100 countries, first earned attention for its enchanting designs and concealed state-of-the-art technology. Most recently, Buben & Zörweg was the recipient of the German Design Award and German Brand Award for its bold designs, timeless elegance and multifunctional centerpieces.

The Object of Time Solitaire Vision front open. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
The Object of Time Solitaire Vision front open.

On a mission to constantly craft unique masterpieces, Buben & Zörweg is making moves with Bugatti ( Combining their eagerness to constantly push boundaries and reach new heights, the labels were able to develop a limited-edition collection composed of two high-tech safe objects and a watch winder, all of which are reminiscent of the design and quality of the Chiron hyper sports car. Dubbed the Illusion Chiron and the Grande Illusion Chiron, the sculptural creations are not only perfect in design but also futuristic in their technical elements. Both require entry by means of a biometric fingerprint or transponder chip and a radio frequency-shielded car key holder to fashionably store your Bugatti keys. Preserving the motif of time, the safes are crowned by the unmistakable Buben & Zörweg signature clock. To fully harmonize both the brands’ emblematic features, the Grande Illusion includes top-piece configuration options, pairing the Bugatti cockpit design with the B&Z Flying Minute Tourbillon clock. Further evocative of the Bugatti design, the Spirit Chiron watch winder, which is available in two color and material combinations, holds up to four, eight or 12 watches in LED light technology and ensures your exquisite watches never come to a standstill. Aficionados and admirers can find the exclusive pieces of the Bugatti partnership in global Buben & Zörweg boutiques and selected retailers.