A classic watch with stylish interpretations.

Personal style is as unique as a fingerprint and an expression of what we want the world to see. For James Aguiar, National VP of Fashion and Creative Director at Modern Luxury, and George Myrie, the man behind the street-style fashions at @stuylin, these two stylish gents have been carefully curating their style expressions.

We paired the two up to showcase the unique and stylish ways to wear the latest Longines timepieces. From rich color choices to timeless details, Longines has the perfect watch for any style.

The Sweet Life
First up, the Longines Dolce Vita. With a classic style and warm, rich band, the Dolce Vita stands the test of time.


Dive Into An Unexpected Color
The rich green and golds of the Deep Sea Diver provided the inspiration for Look Two.


Blue Steel
The soft blue tones of this watch inspired George and James to take a more formal look.


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