A personalized wardrobe is filled with all the things you love: watches, shoes, purses, pearls and more. Should you be looking to create a luxury walk-in closet one would envy, eggersmann USA offers innovative designs using a variety of Schmalenbach’s customized cabinetry and organizing accessories to showcase your beloved collections.

Hidden Features
Intriguing yet sensible, eggersmann’s hidden closet features help conceal unsightly things in addition to protecting your valuables in a hidden safe.


Display Your Favorite Pieces
eggersmann’s designers envision elegant visual displays for those standout wardrobe items you wish to flaunt. This master closet design not only allows your luxury staples to become a focal point of your closet, but ensures they are easily accessible for your convenience.


Easy-to-Find Accessories
To have an individual place for each of your prized possessions is a pleasure. A diverse collection of organizers provide adequate storage space for your smaller pieces like ties or your favorite cashmere socks; there is simply a place for everything.

Have It Your Way
Your closet should 100% reflect your personal taste and can even be reminiscent of your favorite high-end boutique. eggersmann’s most luxurious feature is tailoring their innovative designs to your given aesthetic: from expansive wood veneers and décor laminates to custom lacquers and opulent fabrics, the choice is yours.

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